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Questions and Answers

How do I contact Best Welcome Bags?
Best Welcome Bags is an Internet based retail business based out of North Carolina.  I am Tina Wexler, the owner and developer of Best Welcome Bags.  My direct email is me@tinawexler.com and my cell is 224-515-0570 

What is your return policy?
I guarantee that our best efforts will always be applied, working to create products we are proud of and to please our customer. Each product is custom made to your specification and does not print without your approval. In the rare case that there is an issue with the material quality upon shipping, quantity, or approved accuracy, Best Welcome Bags will replace the substandard product within your time frame. By either placing a rush order or failing to review your product upon receipt, you negate the Best Welcome Bag refund policy in full.

If you wish to return correct-to-specification-and-approved product for refund, all originally shipped product, matching the product count of the original purchase, must first be returned to Best Welcome Bags at purchasers expense. Ship all product for refund to Tina Wexler, 106 S Park Lane, Black Mountain, NC 28711

How long until my order ships?
You play an important role in expediting your order.  We require proof approval before proceeding to print.  Proofs arrive in your email, but sometimes those emails can go directly into your trash, so it's imperative that you provide a contact cell (to be used only in as-needed during the proofing process).

Once we have received your completed transaction we will get to work on your proofs. Normally you should see proofs within 48 hours of a completed transaction. Once the proofs have been approved your artwork will move into production.

Most products ship within 4 business days of  proof approval, with the exception of the welcome bags. They ship within 5 business days of proof approval. The welcome bag orders always ship USPS 2-3 day priority.  Everything else ships USPS first class unless otherwise requested.

Why do you need my phone number?
Any information provided to Best Welcome Bags including addresses, phone numbers, and payment information (i.e.: credit card, etc) will never be shared or used for outside solicitation. All sales on Best Welcome Bags will be generated only by the customers explicit action to do so. 

A phone number is requested to provide easy communication during the proofing process only. Emails can be overlooked or routed to trash, so the phone is used to provide the most effective and timely processing of your order

Do you offer rush processing?
Yes, we can expedite the processing for an additional charge. Even expedited orders are dependent on your responsiveness to the proofs, and we can only do so much. We have to reserve the right to refuse any order that we believe we can not realistically fill per your request. Bag orders can normally be expedited for an additional $20 to a 3 business days turn from order to ship, and will ship 2-3 day priority. All other products can be expedited for an additional $10 per product and will ship within 48 business hours order to ship, and will ship 2-3 day priority.  

Why do we pay before seeing a proof?
Unless you are paying for a custom design, you are making a design choice from completed artwork (prior to your personalization). With your purchase we will create your proof with the names and other personalization that you have provided and we will not proceed to print without your proof approval.

Can I customize my order by changing colors, etc.?
Many of my designs offer flexible colors. Usually there is no charge for a color or font change. Feel free to contact Tina at info@bestwelcomebags.com regarding a custom request.

Do you use gold foil?
I do NOT use any foil.  All my products are utilize ink.  The reflective appearance is just a graphic effect with ink.

What are the door hangers made of?
The door hangers are a novelty product printed on card stock. They are not plastic, nor are they laminated.  

What color bags do you offer?
I offer five standard bag colors: black gloss, white gloss, matte gold, matte silver, rustic oatmeal pinstripe.  The options offered are the result of years of experience. I strongly recommend against trying to purchase a bag to match your wedding colors.  Let the label do that...  I have more control over that.  Even if you are purchasing your own bags, stick to the most basic neutral. Let the label do the popping. If you don't, the shade of your bag may clash with the label, other products and even your wedding color, looking drab and muddy. 

Are your bags large and strong enough?
A big mistake often made is using the wrong size bag. Receiving a well stuffed over-flowing bag, regardless of the bag size is great fun. A bag with too much space will always appear sparse and lack-luster.

BestWelcomeBags standard bag has been a no-fail success for years.  It securely anc comfortably fits a couple of standard 17oz water bottles, snacks, a welcome note and door hanger.  The bag measures 8 x 10 x 4 and has a rope handle with reinforced holes.

Are the water bottle labels waterproof?
They're the same as the label on the pickle jar in your fridge. They hold up well to condensation. I've run them under the faucet and they dried well, but I wouldn't submerge them in ice water for extended time. I don’t recommend the waterproof labels. They don't print well, they feel greasy and smell like petroleum.

Is there a specific water bottle I should use?
The best water bottles to use can be found at any grocer or super store that sells water bottle by the case. It’s an inexpensive generic brand with a plastic sleeve that's only tacked on. It comes off easily. Make sure the bottle isn't entirely ribbed. There needs to be a smooth area. They're not hard to find. I've sold hundreds of thousands of labels and to the best if my knowledge never had a customer stranded for bottles.

Is there a simple way to remove the original (wine, champagne, beer) bottle labels?
Here’s 2 simple ways to remove existing wine bottle labels. Neither method has any adverse effect on the content:
- Soak the label portion of the wine bottle in room temperature water with 5-10 tablespoons of baking soda for 30 minutes. The label will just slide off.
- Or using one a white Magic Eraser, wet it and sit it on top of the label for about 5 minutes and it wipe the label right off. Very easy.



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